Raspberry Yoghurt = Trifle

The taste of raspberry yoghurt never fails to throw me way back, back to when we would summer in London and pick up trifle for dessert from the nearest Safeways. I’m talking about the good old 1980s when punk culture ran rampant in the streets of London and the smell of pollution was a novelty to my inexperienced nostrils. Even today, the smell of pollution takes me back to those happy days when school was out and we were in our other home. Flying on Emirates Airline, we were one of the first kids to receive the venerable honour of being awarded the Skysurfers pack. I think I still have one of those back-packs lying around somewhere.

So the taste of raspberry yoghurt and the smell of pollution paint a rosy picture of the summers of my childhood. I didn’t know back then that pollution was destroying our world, I had no concept of “healthy” food. All I knew was the sum of my experiences and what I put together in my head to construct my version of reality.

I think a little part of me holds on to this still. Image